Alpha Referral Program

To thank our community for their continued trust and support of Alpha Finance, we are activating our Referral Program. Our existing community and new members can earn rewards for every new user they invite to use our protocol. Referral rewards will be calculated based on the number of rewards your friends get for participating in campaigns on Alpha Finance.

Referral Rewards

Any Alpha Finance user who creates referrals that lead to new sign-ups will receive rewards calculated based on your friends’ activity. Specifically, their participation in lending campaigns on Alpha Finance will be the basis of the size of your reward. There will be two reward levels for our users.
Friends you directly invite are listed on your Rewards page as Tier I. You will receive 10% of the rewards they receive.
When your Tier I friends invite other users, those will be listed as Tier II under your Rewards. You will receive 5% of the rewards they receive.
Last modified 8mo ago