Core Components


Core component that should be placed at the root of your app. See configuration docs for available props. Additionally to configuration props, this component also requires ethereumClient prop which references wagmi client.
import { Web3Modal } from "@web3modal/react/alphawallet";
return <Web3Modal projectId="..." ethereumClient={...} />;


Pre-styled connect/disconnect button that reacts to modal's theme changes.
import { Web3Button } from "@web3modal/react/alphawallet";
interface Props {
icon?: "show" | "hide";
label?: string;
balance?: "show" | "hide";
return <Web3Button />;


Pre-styled network switch button that reacts to modal's theme and network changes.
import { Web3NetworkSwitch } from "@web3modal/react/alphawallet";
return <Web3NetworkSwitch />;